Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hey Honey, Let's move to Flying Wombat, Tenessee!

I hear the strangest things sometimes...quite often when I'm sitting at the computer, I'll hear something like "Gahh! Arielle[my two year old sister], what are you doing? Rubbing your butt and then touching my hair?!" or "The cracks of doom? The bowels of Oroduin? Sounds like one big arse to me."
But perhaps the strangest thing I've ever heard was the other day...
My dad and my mom were hunched over a laptop, looking at something which--due to their bodies--I couldn't see. Then I heard my dad say "So, yeah, there's this great little town in oregon--" At this point I must tell you they are discussing moving, because they want to--"it's called..."
"Government camp?" my mom says, "Oh yeah, that sounds like a great place to move! 'Hey where do you live?'" she mocks, "'Oh, I live in Government camp.' The very sound makes me think of striped uniforms and POW's. We might as well move to Raton New Mexico! Who want's to live in 'Big Rat' or, almost as bad, Government camp?"
And then she goes crazy. "'Hey honey, lets move to Phlegm Lake! Or maybe Vomit Bowl Valley! Or howabout..."
And she goes on with names that have something to do with feces or rodents.
In the end, my dad decided maybe he didn't want to live in Government Camp.
Yeah, my family is weird. It takes all I've got to stay alive ;)