Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Facet... my nerdiness. I don't know if I ever really qualified as a real nerd until today...because today I played my first game of Sudoku. It was quite fun (but probably only to the nerdy at heart).
I've never really been a numbers person before, but this is pretty basic, so I enjoyed it.
I imagine there are secret Sudoku cults hiding in dark catacombs and scratching occult glyphs on their altars and performing certain amounts of sacrifices (in relation to how many other sacrifices they've done that day).
I think life works like a big huge game of relation to everything that's happened and will happen, you do something accordingly. Either that or...the world is a box and we're all numbers.
So...who here plays Sudoku? Are you a casual Sudoku nerd or a cryptic Sudoku cultist?