Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Facet... my nerdiness. I don't know if I ever really qualified as a real nerd until today...because today I played my first game of Sudoku. It was quite fun (but probably only to the nerdy at heart).
I've never really been a numbers person before, but this is pretty basic, so I enjoyed it.
I imagine there are secret Sudoku cults hiding in dark catacombs and scratching occult glyphs on their altars and performing certain amounts of sacrifices (in relation to how many other sacrifices they've done that day).
I think life works like a big huge game of relation to everything that's happened and will happen, you do something accordingly. Either that or...the world is a box and we're all numbers.
So...who here plays Sudoku? Are you a casual Sudoku nerd or a cryptic Sudoku cultist?


  1. I suppose I qualify for ubernerd status... I LOVE SUDOKUS! I used to do them in the newspaper every day, but now I am in college and don't have time. (I still try one every now and then.) I also have an electronic handheld version. I can solve them in less than a minute on there. :D

    All this being said, I am not a numbers person either. So it's weird that I like them so well...

  2. @Zella--Less than a minute? :O ZOMG! It took me around an hour and a half, and it was an EASY one (you could probably tell by the picture). I'm in awe. I think you qualify for the title of Supreme Sudokultist :O

  3. Fear not, grasshopper. Thou shalt improve once thou hath praticeth the art of sudoku. *strikes nerdy kung fu pose*

  4. On second thought, make sure thou praCticeth instead. ^^

  5. Hello Spammy, I'm Feathers. I've been seeing you comment on the same blogs for a while.
    I love sudoku, though I've only completed five in my life. (Three of them were for extra credit in math.) I hope this doesn't damage my nerd status, I need to gain patience with puzzles. :D

  6. Hi Feathers! Don't worry. I as long as you've done it before, I don't think it'll damage your nerd cred :D

    By the way, everyone, I'M SO SORRY! I forgot (AGAIN) to blog on Friday. I was up skiing all day long. And Saturday I went to a film festival, and so today, the blog post would be up for one day until being overshadowed by the Monday post. So I'm not going to write one until Monday. I'm sorry!


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