Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Yes...hmmm...well, I got this award, which tells me I'm over the top, from Scott of Ergo Humor.
Well, here's the schedule of the day: first off, thank you, Scott! I would give an acceptance speech but my dog ate it (wink wink nudge nudge).
Second, as per instructions which come with the award, I have to answer all these strange questions about myself and how over-the-top I am with one word, and then I'll be nominating a few lucky followers for the award! Isn't that exciting???!! WOWOWOOOHHHOO!!!!

Your cell phone: Huge.
Your hair: Flaming.
Your mother: Motherly.
Your father: Fatherly
Your favorite food: Salmonellaburgers
Your dream last night: Salmonellaburgers
Your favorite drink: Malk.
Your dream goal: Fame (for my writing...or at least recognition for my writing)
What room are you in: None
Your hobby: Hobby-making
Your fear: Grandma
Where do you see yourself in six years: Writing
Where were you last night: Asleep.
Something you aren't: Grandma
Muffins: Wonderful.
Wish list item: Laptop
Where did you grow up: Stalker.
Last thing you did: Sat.
What are you wearing: Nothingggg!!!!!
Your TV: Crater.
Your pets: Demoncats
Your friends: Alive.
Your life: Great.
Your mood: Creeped.
Missing someone: Rarely.
Vehicle: None
Something you aren't wearing: Hat.
Your favorite store: WALMART!
Your favorite color: Red.
When was the last time you laughed: Yesteryear
Last time you cried: Yesteryear
Your best friend: Jesus Christ
One place you go to over and over: WALMART!
Favorite place to eat: WALMART!

Okay, so now, as per instructions yet again, I have to think up five people to give this award to...

Merc, at Merc Rants, because she's evilly over-the-top.

Paul, at Complications. No reason needed. He is.

Martha, at Skyewriting and Musings, because anyone who still blogs thrice a week when they have MS is over the top. And plus she would be over the top anyway.

Amber, at The Norris Ranch, same as Paul. She is purely over the top.

Krista at Krista D. Ball's Zombie Free Blog, because she is prepared for the zombies.

Anyway, happy awarding time to ye all!