Friday, September 24, 2010


For shame! I haven't posted in 18 days! I am ashamed. I am a shamefacedly shameful excuse for a blogger. And to cover my shameful shamefulness and attempt to regain my readership, I am going to have to introduce something to the blog. To make it a little more interesting. And less shameful.
Comic Posts! Starting whenever I can finish one there will be a post in comic book form every other week.
But I need you few, you lucky (and not shameful) few, to tell me this:
Should it be a sort of ongoing story or just standalone posts (like, I would just make a post about whatever and draw it)? Or both? Or something else? There really aren't enough followers to have an official vote and everything, so just you who read it, give me your suggestions.
And I already know what to call them! Grogs! (graphic blogs) Now I just need to figure out some clever way to couple 'grog' with a day of the week...Grog Mondays, anyone? (I'll think up something better'n that with a little time)