Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Why DID you say that, anyway?

I've always wondered why people say certain things...
See, I get cold easy, so I'm often seen wearing a jacket (like the knight pictured over there). My mother, however will never get cold. She's always opening windows and saying how the upstairs is 'an oven.' So oftentimes I'll be wearing a jacket and she'll come up and say
'Andrew, are you cold?' To which, I reply, 'Not any more I'm not.' Which goes without saying.
Also, I find that people will repeat what you say in utter surprise, instead of doing something.
'Ow, my leg's broken!'
And that great old tradition, Are You Okay.
'YOWCH! A sword in the ribs does not feel good!'
'Are you okay?'
'Oh, sure, I just have a failing lung, a couple of broken ribs, with some rest and lots of water I should be right as rain in a couple of days'
I love the theory Ford Prefect came up with in The Restaurant at The End of The Universe (by Douglas Adams) which goes 'If humans stop talking, their brains start working.'
Anyway, just a little rant I wanted to share.