Monday, May 24, 2010

An Important Announcement of Greatly Portent Import

Well, my wonderful followers, in case you haven't noticed, I've been changing that motto thingy in the header for quite a while now. I can't decide what I wanted up there. That's supposed to capture the meaning of Vintage Spammy, summarize it in a small amount of words (no small task, let me assure you).
So then I had an idea. I'd let YOU decide! Yes, that's right! I'll be irresponsible and give the choice to you to make!
So I've narrowed it down to three perspective mottos.
#1: (What's up there right now) Redefining Lunacy.
#2: It takes only one madman to change the world.
#3: Auditing reality for maximum amount of silliness.
There's a poll at the bottom of the bottom of the page, asking YOU to decide which motto is best. You don't have to tell me which you voted for, because I don't want anyone getting in big fights over which is best (like that would happen). Or you can tell me, if you want. Just remember to actually vote ;)