Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Battle Continues

Gaaar! The battle with the Anti-Punctuality Demon rages on! I thought I had him down, but he drenched me with a shower of hot nacho cheese and hid in my closet while I recuperated from the attack (it took me a while to eat the cheese because it was so hot). Apparently he set my alarm clock twenty-four hours backward! Dangit!
Right now I am grappling with him in the kitchen, attempting to wrestlre the jar of peanut butter from his demonic grip (he goes around my house eating random things and setting my clocks back).
No! Foul demon! Pepperonis do NOT go well with bananas! Stop mixing up disgusting snacks with my food!
Sorry about that. Since he came to my house he seems to have tried to get in touch with his culinary side.
Not curry! No, anything but curry!
He's getting to be very aggravating. I can't even get him to read a cookbook, either.
Ha! You didn't expect my guacamole cannon, did you? Take green buttery goodness, devil!

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