Friday, April 16, 2010

A Post from Afar

If this was posted less than three hours ago, and you're reading it (I'm assuming that you are reading it, seeing as how you couldn't very well know what I'm saying here without reading it) then it could very well be that I'm not in my normal SoCal abode, but up in Big Bear, skiing as we speak! Well...skiing as you read, and I ski. So...skiing while we are doing separate things which are not at all similar. I guess. Whatever.
But that doesn't stop me from blogging! I'd like to say I used my psychic powers to post this while skiing, but I can't. I have internet up here so I wrote this on Thursday (and it's weird typing this out, saying "I wrote this on Thursday" when it is Thursday) and scheduled it to come up today.

Spammy and the three warriors trudged up the mountainside, the wind nearly blowing their furs off.
Spammy wrapped his long beard around his neck like a scarf. "Are we there yet?"
"You asked that five minutes ago!" the lead warrior said, "And the answer is still the same! Another few days!"
A twenty-five foot tall man wearing nothing but a loincloth stepped out of the trees, with a horse-sized, winged lizard on a leash. 
"Come on, my little Puky-poo, come on. Who's daddy's boy, mmm? Who's daddy's boy?" the giant-sized loincloth wearer walked on with his dragon.
"So..."Spammy said, "Is that the god we're looking for?"
"No." the lead warrior said, "He's bigger than that."