Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Stony Pastries and Their Military Uses

Ye cods. I just apologized for getting a post in late and then I forget again on Monday! What an irresponsible nincompoop I am!
...I like the word nincompoop. Sounds like the name of some sort of pie. Except, now that I think about it, it would probably be a horribly disgusting sort of pie.
It is a mildly intriguing concept, though. It would be far more devastating as a throwing weapon than any other kind of pie. Except, perhaps, a rock pie. That would be very deadly. And pretty easy to bake, as well.
Although, if one is going to throw rocks at somebody, why wrap them up in dough and stick them in the oven first? I mean, a pebble crumble I can understand, being a deceptively tasty-looking means of braking one's enemies' teeth, but you can't even slice into a rock pie. Of course, it is the same with a boulder torte. But that is a wholly different matter. One can drop a boulder torte on one of one's enemies' heads with devastating results.
Although I suppose a rock pie could be used as a shield or a bludgeon, if one was desperate. But if one cannot throw a rock pie at one's enemies when one's enemies are at sufficient distance (and not out of range of one's throwing arm) then, in my opinion, one is a nincompoop.