Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Unlucky Day!

Happy Friday 13th, ladies and gentlemen! You know, it only comes once a year. Except last year. It came thrice last year. And it came twice in 2007. And in 2006 it came twice. And it'll come three times in 2012. So whatever.
Nevertheless, it is a special day for me, and just to gall all of those bad-luck spirits I go around repairing mirrors, knocking over ladders and painting black cats purple.
Anyway, be careful and superstitious just like your mam taught you and like you will teach your children and they will teach their children to keep the whole world a dark, superstitious place where fear rules peoples minds and people cannot even walk the streets freely! Mooohahahahahaawwahahahahahahahah!
Ahem. Anyway, in other news, the anvil storm in LA has gotten worse and weathermen all over the place say that soon it'll be raining moose as well.