Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Madness

Easter is practically here! And besides being the largest sugar-holiday the year round, it also features a rabbit who lays eggs! It takes one heckuva a race to take a holiday and do that with it. At least there's no decorations involved.
I do like some of the celebratory aspects of the holiday, though. For instance I get a lot of fulfillment out of easter-egging houses (which is throwing plastic easter eggs at people's homes) and I can't get enough of going out into the woods with a shotgun and hunting easter eggs (the easter egg season is so short, though! with the huge closed season they get, you'd think there'd be billions of them).
Anyway, happy easter, and may all your rabbits lay chocolate eggs for you! (Check to make sure they are chocolate eggs before eating them, mind)


  1. What, you don't decorate for Easter? No plastic eggs on the trees outside? No bunny decor?

    Happy egg hunting. May all your chocolate eggs be of quality and not that horrible chalky, cheap chocoate. Euw!

  2. What gauge shotgun shell do you use on an Easter egg?

    And by the way, the goat was all alone in the middle of the road.

  3. @Kevin--*Throws egg-flavored confetti into the air*
    @Jean--Naww, all the eggs are being hunted. And all the bunnies have been shot long ago ;)
    @Glenda--I use my trusty 10 gauge :D
    (So who's goat did he get? :P)


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