Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Christmas Microfiction

...or at least I think it's a microfiction. That's basically anything below 100 words, right?
Anyway, I just thought this up and thought I'd post it here. I'd like to sub it somewhere, but I think all the e-zines have closed their christmas entries :S Here goes.

Tall, a stoic triangle, eerie. A silhouette against its own, strange lights; concentrated points of yellow and red light shine from it, leaving a blue, blotchy ghost of itself in my vision whenever I look away. Metal glints from it, cruel-shaped hooks and serrated streamers. A crown of twisted metal adorns its high, imperious brow, glinting in the lights. Black and greenish like hornblende it’s spiny appendages hang in the dark, adorned with their eldritch, garish decorations. I never did like the Christmas tree.

You all have a merry christmas, and don't let your tree mutate into a horrible monster which'll eat your brains and suck out your intestines through your ears!


  1. I can't be the first! Oh the pressure to be pithy.

    That's another problem with truly fresh Christmas trees, your hands get sticky from pitch.

    Which is not pithy.

  2. @Martha--Oh, but being first is the best! I mean, you get to jeer at all the less devoted followers %-) *Clears throat* Err...ahem. Not that I think less of anyone for, haha, not being first O:)


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