Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Country 'Tis of Thee...

...Sweet land of Nerdity,
Of thee I sing;
Land wher noob pplz died,
Land of the gamers pride,
From every mountainside
Let nerdiness ring!

How many ways can you spell it? Nerd, nurd, knurd, gnurd! Our country is rapidly turning into a nerd nation (or, perhaps, knurd knation). Everywhere you look you see braces, glasses, and acne! And bacne, too, except you can't see that. Nerds practically rule America, and we can do nothing to stop it!
A distressing turn of events has been leading up to this post; France has offered to give us a new statue to replace the Statue of Liberty (her name, "Lady Nerdity" pictured to the side), the newest Blockbuster is entitled "Planet of the Nerds," and the new urban fantasy bestseller(Nerdlight, by Stefan E. Myer)--featuring Dwilla Wan and Ned Woolen--is about how a teenage girl goes to a weird little town in tenessee somewhere and falls in love with a nerd!
The Ku Klux Klan has even changed their policies and now not only lynch black peoples, but nerds as well.
Dark times, these, for I, too, am a nerd, and I fear for my life. It used to be that nerds were a few, elect people, and now they cover the nation. I was born a nerd, and I believe the huge expansion of nerds nationwide has brought this upon us. Whatever happened to we few, we happy few, we band of nerdy brothers(speech given by King Nerdy V before the charge of the Cool Persons Club of some city in Oregon)?
And what is to become of us, the nerds of america, who are in danger for our very lives? Should we band together to march on the whitehouse for nerds rights? Should we cower in our dark bedrooms and hope that we won't be lynched? Should we hide our nerdiness and go out into the social world as spies? It truly is the coming of the apocalypse when nerds cannot roam the streets.


  1. Nerds, I love 'em. I have a thing for guys in glasses, the Clark Kent Syndrome.

  2. Spammy, I knew you had to be a fellow nerd! :) *nerdy high five*

    We gotta fight for our right to be nerdy! We'll throw Star Trek references and obscure historical facts at any and all who try to stop us!

    I also say we weed out the people who claim to be nerd but really aren't. You can spot them a mile away. They sicken me by polluting our good nerdy name.

  3. Clever and I like your artwork.


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