Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A Not-So-Wonderful Announcement

Greetings, all ye who follow. I have an announcement to make.
In the last few weeks, since I introduced the thrice-a-week posting schedule, I have noticed two things:
1) A steady decrease in comments on posts.
2) A steady decrease in the quality of the posts [in my opinion, anyway]
3) Practically no increase in followers.
Therefore, this has led me to conclude that I cannot keep on with this schedule. It's just too tiresome to keep up, with zero benefits.
While I could never again give up blogging weekly, I'm afraid we're going to do away with the Wednesday post (not Quailzilla, mind you, just posting on Wednesdays). Posting will continue, however, on Mondays and Fridays. This is the final Wednesday post. And hopefully this will give me a little more time to rejuvenate from being burnt out by this schedule. So the thrice-a-week schedule is cancelled until further notice. I may bring it back, someday. But not any time soon.
That is all. Hope I didn't put a damper on anyone's day except for mine.


  1. Farewell wednesday posts, you will be missed. *sniff sniff*

  2. Agh! No more Quailzilla. Well it was fun while it lasted. :D

  3. Hullo, Spammy!
    *takes of spiffy Brit accent*
    So, just as I "officially" join, you take off the Wednesday posts! Nooooo!
    Anyways, I, ahem, snuck over here from your brother's blog. I've been sneakily following you without actually following you for a while, but I actually "officially" just joined. :D
    So hi.
    You can call me Kevin. :D

  4. Wait... you're continuing with Quailzilla, right?! You have to!

  5. @Scott & Kevin--Quailzilla will still be issued, my dear friends :D Just not on wednesdays. On Fridays or Mondays.
    @Kevin(alone)--Thanks so much for following! That's the one thing brothers are good for ;) Gettin' your blog more followers :P


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