Friday, February 5, 2010

Searching for enlightenment...

There is an enigma in this universe of ours...
...a question many have died trying to answer...
...a question which may never truly be answered, for lack of courage...
...lack of seekers of knowledge...
...and lack of guts to ask it.
Why are bald guys' heads so shiny? No, seriously. As you can see, Patrick Stewart is bald, or follicly challenged, if you prefer. But whatever you call it, his head is real shiny.
I mean, sitting in church last Sunday I saw, sitting four or five pews ahead, a rather elderly, follicly challenged man. And his head was so shiny! I had to avert my eyes to keep from going blind! How did it get so shiny? Does he polish it every morning? He had to be using sand paper or something, it was so shiny! Maybe he had his scalp replaced by a mirror.
I have to wonder if theres some cultural mythos where the sun god (like Sól in Germanic mythology, or Helios in Greek) is a follicly challenged god who flies through the sky all day holding a light bulb behind his head.
Perhaps there is a mountain guru high in the Himalayas who's head is so shiny you can see it reflected off way up in Beijing.
Perhaps the earth actually rotates around a giant bald guy's head?


  1. Hey! I saw that guy before you, Spammy. His head was glossy looking, but wouldn't sandpaper make his head rough?? :-o Pleas get back to me on that. :D

  2. I firmly believe they use wax. :P

  3. @Zella--A very plausible notion :O


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