Saturday, March 27, 2010

Oh No...

I forgot to blog on Firday! I'm spelling it wrong and missing my garmar I'm that distrawt!
I'm so sorry! I woke up this morning and thought "Hey, today's Friday, I'm going to blo--Holy Crow! Wait! It's SATTTUUUUURRRRDAAAAYYYY!" and then I choked on my own bile and fell backwards, hitting my head on my antique 3rd century cudgel--which has a nail through it--and got a concussion and suffered a debilitating brain aneurysm which killed me.
Okay, so I didn't have a concussion or an aneurysm, but I was mourning! I wrote my own dirge and mapped out where I wanted my barrow to be, I was so fearful what you guys would do to me. THIS WAS THE SECOND TIME IN A ROW!
There was a river of my tears flowing through the house, and dragons flying about, created from the mournful farts I loosed.
I had never forgotten twice in a row! I was sure the blood of my veins and arteries would spill and create a great pool and you, my vengeful murderers would swim in it leisurely while snacking on my heart. I knew my head would soon be on a pole, being waved around while a rite was performed to make sure my soul burned in the seventh circle of hell forever.
And then I logged on, my hands shaking and my eyes watering in anticipation of my rightful slaughter, and I saw you all just crying.
Crying. No double-headed flails readied to bludgeon me, no mystic enchantresses slaughtering goats on stone altars in preparation for slaughtering me.
I would have been disappointed if I weren't so glad to still be alive.
I'm so sorry! I forgot!
You see, unlike Scott, I am not really on the carousel of busyness (well, maybe on the outlying regions, like the rooster) but on the carousel of forgetfulness and disorientation. I don't often wake up on friday and think "Okay, today's Friday, I'm going to blog." or sometimes I do, but by the time I have breakfast those thoughts are forgotten. I'm working on getting off the CFD! I am! I really am! But I'm on the ostrich. And the ostrich is eight feet tall. So it's not exactly easy.
By the by, do you like the new template?

Oh, and, um, *Squirms* remember I said I was going to have the first drawing of the week up this week? Haha, hahahah, umm, haahaha, um, how about next week?


  1. I remember that cudgel. I'll trade you for my battleaxe, bro.

  2. @Scott--Ummm...and what would happen if I bumped my head on that?

  3. YAY!!!!!!!!!
    *tackle hugz*
    I missed you!
    At least you finally remembered today!
    Ooooh, a cudgel? Awesome!

  4. There, there, Spammy, don't cry. (And please don't misspell grammar! Dear God, boy, you nearly gave me an aneurysm! :D)

    I love the new template! It initially frightened me, because, well, because it was new. But when I stopped cowering in the corner and realized I was on your blog, I thought it looked very nice. Kudos!) :)


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