Monday, March 22, 2010

Root Canal!

Hi everyone. I'm so sorry I forgot to blog!
I had a root canal.
I was planning to blog about it on Friday, but I forgot. Then I planned to blog about it on Saturday. And forgot. And if I were to post it on Sunday it would only be up for one day, so I figured it wasn't worth it.
So this weekend I have been silent. But now that the week is starting I am not anymore.
The root canal wasn't nearly so bad as I had thought it was going to be, though. It didn't live up to any of the horror stories that you hear (you hear them when you're going to get one, anyway).
The worst part was probably when they said they were going to use an 'electrosurge' to cauterize the tissue. Saw smoke and smelt burning. But I didn't feel anything.
I couldn't feel anything in my lower face for several hours. You could have slapped me and I wouldn't have felt anything. You could have flayed my lips off and I wouldn't have felt anything. I'd never felt anything remotely like picking someone else's nose before...but now I think I know what it would be like.
And so the moral of the story is...don't fear the root canal! Fear the ninjas that will flay your lips off while you sleep.
Again, really sorry for not blogging! I don't think I've ever been so unfaithful to my poor blog.


  1. *sniffle*



    I missed your Friday blog :(
    I had to make do with Scott's.
    Not the same.

    But I iz sorry about your root canal... my mom said that they hurt really badly, though, so I guess you were lucky.

    My sunday school teacher's four yr old son likes to pick other people's noses, especially during prayer. It's reeeeeally funny when it happens to other people :D
    But not too fun when it happens to you.

    Anyway, glad you're back, and sorry for expectorating :D

  2. (And you need to join my blog. I started a new one. I just changed the URL on the old one, so "" redirects to the new one. JOIN!)

  3. Ah! I had wondered what had happened to your blog! I will join it right away!

  4. I felt so forgotten. *sigh* I suppose a numb face and all that is a fairly good reason to forget about the rest of us out here... just sitting around, waiting for days for you to spare us a moment of your time. ;)

  5. Ouch! I am glad you're doing better. :)

    This post was timely. One of my wisdom teeth is killing me (it's cutting my tongue and is most painful), and I probably will have to get it seen about. Argggggh! I hate going to the dentist. *deep sigh* I guess that's no excuse but still... :D

  6. I hope you feel better, Spammy!

  7. You're much too young to be having a root canal!
    That brings up a thought though... perhaps even a topic for a future blog post... People always say, I'd rather have a root canal than do X. Having had one, what items would you fill in for the value of X?

  8. @Jean--I said I was sorry ;-( Isn't that good enough?
    @Zella--Gah! That sounds bad! The tooth never really gave me much pain beforehand. Hope it can be resolved it A.S.A.P!
    @Chrystalla--I will :D
    @Paul--Lots of things ;)

  9. *sniffles*

    You is being unfaithful to your poor blog :(


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