Monday, March 15, 2010

Yet Another Announcement

And first of all let me allay your fears--nothing is being taken from the blog. Actually, I'm going to announce the addition of a new thing!
Starting next week, I'm going to do a drawing a week (I'll make a new page for it) for your enjoyment. I have one question for you, though.
Should I hand-draw the drawings, or make them on photoshop? Here's the pros and cons of photoshop:
Pros: Crisper, less messy images, easier to upload.
Cons: Harder to draw, don't have that drawing look to them.
And the pros and cons of hand-drawing:
Pros: Made with love, easier to draw, more classy look.
Cons: Messier images, I have to scan the drawings into the computer and then edit them on photoshop and then upload them.
So what do you think? Photoshop or hand?
In other news, I got tagged (for something or other) by Scott at Ergo, and I suspect this tag he tagged me with is poisonous or something, because it's from him. Not to mention the price on it is $123,456, 789.10 which is a very suspicious price. Anyway, he tagged me. So I have to now tell you where I hope to be in ten years and then tag ten people and they have to tell everyone where they want to be in ten years and then tag ten people who then have to...gosh...sounds like we're spreading some sort of viral infection. ten years, I hope...
to be ten years older,
to have never had acne,
to be a published author,
to have ten thousand more followers on my blog.
And that's pretty much all. And tag you unlucky peoples...
Owllady, at Letter Go
Penny, at Penelope Barber
Glenda, at Schemer's World
Arnorris at The Norris Ranch
William Wallace
William Howard Taft
William Edwart Gladstone
William Longsword
(Do not ask me to explain the last three) I bet that by now most of these people have already been tagged but 1) I'm too lazy to go and find other people to tag, and 2) I can't think of a whole lot of other williams (except for William Shakespeare, and I dislike him)
In other other news, I'm still getting very few comments! Buggrit. *Wanders off to find something else to nix*


    *got tagged*
    No, I've never been tagged before :D
    This is a new experience!
    *basks in the glow of her tagging*
    Hehe, now I don't have to stare at the computer screen for hours tomorrow, thinking of a new blog post!

    So, since I have absolutely no idea and I really don't want to be faced with another decision (AAAUGH! WHAT IS WITH YOU PEOPLE! SO MANY DECISIONS!) what if you alternated? Like one week hand-drawn, then the next week photoshopped?
    I dunno.

  2. How about you draw them, and then crisp them up on Photoshop?

  3. @Scott--That's what I do already :S But there's no way for me with my limited skills to remove ALL the blots and fuzzies (some of them cover lines and details, so they can't be removed).
    @Kevin--Hmmmmm...interesting prospect. Here, *heaps on more glow to bask in*

  4. Spam, line-art is what I do. (you know, to pay the bills while I write) If you'd like, I'll show you. Send me a simple one of your drawings and I'll tweak it for you. Scan it at 300 dpi, and I can get files up to 20MB, if it's bigger, ZIP it please. Send it to penny at cgsigns4u dot com If you need any help with those instructions, my IM is GraphykGal on the Y! network.

    And, PS - comments might be sparse because one cannot comment from your home page; you have to click into the post to accomplish this.

  5. Just to spite you I am going to expectorate on this page. I've been wanting to do that for quite some time. Whoa, I feel better now.

    Ok, as for your question. Do whichever you enjoy more. :)

  6. Why do you dislike William Shakespeare? :O

  7. This is my first tag, too! Wow Spammy, if you're not careful you'll have a lot of peeps basking on your site, and that could get messy.
    But thanks ;)

  8. @Penny--Wow, thanks! I'll send one to you. (Can you really make it so that people can comment from the homepage? Gee. I feel newbish. I had no idea)
    @Jean--Hey! That's high-quality whitewash you're spittin' on!
    @Zella--Because so many other people like him. And plus I wrote a story about names (you read it, I believe) and a rose by any other name might smell as sweet, but it WOULDN'T be a rose! :P
    @Owllady--Yikes. That does sound like it could get messy. I'm just glad none of them Williams are around here to bask O.o

  9. Actually most people I know hate Shakespeare, and that's why I like him. (Something tells me that you and I both enjoy being contrary. :D ) That and I think his tragedies are awesome and I love to quote him at random moments. :D

  10. Well, it's just that a lot of people who read a lot (who I know, anyway) think he was so great and an amazing play write and all that. And then some people think he stole every play he 'wrote.' I'm not sure what to think of him. I just didn't want to list him because that would be typical. Very typical.

  11. Aw, I just like William Shakespeare because I like reading his plays.


    Something tells me that this isn't normal.

  12. Hey, Kevin, by the way. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to comment on your blog. Is it the new template, or what? Because whenever I click 'Post comment' the comment box doesn't appear.

  13. I KNOWS! I'm not getting it... I'm going back to the old template, it might have something to do with that...

  14. He didn't steal his ideas. He merely adapted and improved upon them. I think the fact that he was writing for the masses, i.e. popular entertainment, yet he still fashioned such exquisite pieces speaks volumes of his abilities. Have you read Shakespeare before? Did you like his plays? You really can't go on others' opinions about him. :D

  15. Oh yes, of course not. And I have read and seen his plays preformed before. They are very good. I suppose it was inaccurate to say I 'disliked' him, but my mind has been a little...shall we say, inaccurate lately (I blame the root canal!)

  16. Aw, you had a root canal?
    I'm sorry! I hate the dentist... actually, though, I find the cleanings worse than the fillings, so maybe that's just me, but a root canal is a lot worse... :(

  17. ...aaaaaaaaand I'm missing my Friday post here!

  18. Wouldn't you just know it? I get tagged when I was on hiatus from blogging! I DIDN'T KNOW!!!

    Is it too late? Can I still play?

    Thanks for thinking of me, Spamster!

  19. Yes, of course you can, Martha! Why not?


Please do not expectorate on this web page. Thank you.