Friday, March 12, 2010

Reporting Live from the Chess Olympics

I always wonder why they have summer Olympics, winter Olympics, Youth Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, but no chess Olympics...
Now, I'm not really a chess nerd (not nearly knowledgeable enough to qualify) but I think it would be really cool to have chess Olympics. Sure, they have chess tournaments and chess Olympiads, but those aren't Olympics. Those are a bunch of famous chess players playing chess. I'm thinking more famous athletes on a giant chess board with the greatest chess masters of the world commanding them.
And just thing of the news coverage! There'd be news reporters spouting things like"Qd4?? gBxd4!!" (Which, for those of you not versed in algebraic chess notation, means the white queen just moved to the d4 square and the black bishop previously on the g file moved to the d4 square and captured her) and "d4 c6 e3 d5 Bd3! e6 f4 gNh6 c3!! and white has a Stonewall! f5! g3 Bd6!! and Black as a Stonewall as well!" and "e5?! Rxe5? hBxe5 gNxe5!" and "Oooh! It's a scholar's mate! I'm sorry, ladies and gentlemen, America is not doing so well today!" and "gNxf6? Rxf6++! and that pretty much wraps up the middlegame, with only the white king, bishop, three pawns and the black king, rook, knight and a pawn left!"
And it'd be so cool! It'd be awesomer than awesome! There'd be awards for the best chess compositions and quickest wins and most cool-looking pawn skeletons. It'd be totally sick! *Geeks out*


  1. Wow. I can't play chess myself, (IT'S A FREEKING CASTLE. IT CAN'T MOOOOOOOOOVE!) but this would definitely be a fun thing to watch, mwahahahaha.

  2. Hehe (It's not a castle, its a rook, actually :P) it would be very fun to watch :D

  3. Castle, rook, pigeon, whatever. All the same, except A ROOK IS A BIRD! AAAAAAAARGH!!!
    It makes no sense.
    *is befuddled*
    Oh, well.


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