Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Things Tag

Now I'm not sure if this counts at all, but the Blogger Police aren't watching, and it's something to blog about, so...
Kevin got tagged twice, apparently. The second time she tagged me. I have to things...that favorite fictional characters. Kind of confusing, but cool!
1. Cthulhu. I mean, come on. Who wouldn't list him as numbah one, mmm?
2. Sir Kato from Mio, My Son. He was cool. 'Specially since Christopher Lee played him in the film (I mean, Christopher Lee = stone-hearted, evil knight, right?)
3. Rincewind from the Discworld series. Cowardly, but cool (And David Jason, who played him in The Color of Magic [the film], is awesome!)
4. The Shrike from the Hyperion Cantos. Okay, so I've never actually read the Hyperion Cantos. But so what? The Shrike is awesome.
5. Beorn, from the Hobbit. Who couldn't like the huge, hairy werebear that slew Bolg, son of Azog?
6. Conina the Barbarian Hairdresser from the Discworld series. She was BA, in a silly sort of sense.
7...I can't think of another. Can I list one of my favorite fictional characters from my works of fiction? Okay, I'll do that. Wight, from my novella Captive of Immortality. He was pretty BA (or so I thought, anyway).

Okay, so now I tag four people, I guess (And if you've already been tagged, then...disregard this, I guess--but I will extensively research whether or not you've been tagged, so if I do tag you, rest assured I sincerely believe you have not been tagged yet)
Aly at Seriously Unserious Thoughts of a Seriously Unserious Person
Zella at Zella Kate (and at Grammatically Motivated)
Jean at Discarded Darlings
Martha at Skyewriting and Musings
(Yeesh, where are all the guys on blogspot?)
All you tagged peoples, list seven things you've read/read about in any book (fictional or non-fictional) that are REALLY AWESOME! And then tag four other people (who have not been tagged--or at least that you sincerely believe have not been tagged)

[Story segment on monday!]


  1. Thanks for the tag, Spammy! :D (So...does this have to be an event or can it also be a stylistic thing or dialogue?)

    If I had to list my favorite characters:
    1 Hamlet
    2 Jay Gatsby
    3 Moist von Lipwig
    4 Sherlock Holmes
    5 Anton Chigurh
    6 Anne of Green Gables
    7 Oliver Twist

  2. @Zella--It can be ANYTHING you read in a book, or read about in a book :D
    Hmmmmmm...Interesting characters, to be sure. I thought Hamlet was a little moody. Although, admittedly, his dad was murdered. That could make anyone moody ;)

  3. Okay, this time I'm ready! Thanks Spamster..

  4. hmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I shall have to ponder this. Thanks for the tagging. :)

  5. Ah, yes, Hamlet is moody, but he has his reasons. I'm thinking the reason I like him so much is I took a personality test to see which literary character I was most like. I scored as Hamlet. When I read the similarities between us, I was scared. :P

    Forgive me, Spammy. I must now go emote and brood while I plot my tags. :D

  6. Lol, I LOVE Beorn! xD
    Nobody ever thinks of him!

    *is waiting for story segment*


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