Monday, April 19, 2010

The Avocado Capital of the World

Did you know I live in the (self acclaimed) Avocado Capital of the World? That's right. Fallbrook, California is (self acclaimedly) the Avocado Capital of the World. It's an Avocado town. There are people with twenty-five acre groves of avocados. There's a festival for them. It was yesterday. People come from all over (well, all over the county, anyway).
People go around dressed as avocados, they eat gallons and gallons of guacamole, sell avocados, sell avocado skin-made clothing, airplanes fly over and dump avocados on other people.
Okay, so I was embellishing a little. But this town is crazy for avocados. They petitioned for a national avocado day, but then someone told them that avocados don't grow all over the united states. There was a town-wide day of mourning when they heard that.
What's that? Still embellishing? Okay, well, a little. But who cares? That's what the blog's about! I would call it 'Embellishments' if that didn't sound (and look) so much like 'Embezzlements.'
Anyway, I just thought I would share with you that I LOOOOOOVE AVOCADOS! Even though I have never actually gone to the festival (it's too crowded, and I prefer to eat avocados in the safety of my own home).

[No story segment this time, but I'm working on it]


  1. I don't blame you for eating them in the safety of your home. People who dress as avocados should be monitored closely. ^^



    Like, my favorite food!

    Hey, now I know what I'm going as for Halloween!

  3. @Zella--I agree. Eating avocados = awesome. Wearing them = not so much.
    @Kevin--Ummm...Live with me? 0_o not sure I'm ready for that yet, kevin...:P
    Avocados are awesome. I love them.

  4. Don't you two eat avocados anywhere near me! I hate the things. If I wanted to eat small, hard green things I'd go to Mars. Which is what all the avocado die-hards should do.

  5. You hate avocados!?


    How can you NOT like them?!

    *eats avocados near Scott*

    *goes to Mars, because that's where Pigfarts is!*

  6. *Chucks an avocado at scott* Heretic!

  7. I LOVE avocados!We have an avocado tree in our yard that is exactly as old as I am.
    Scott, are you sure you've tried avocados? They're soft, not hard. x) Unless you eat an unripe one of course.
    I definitely don't get why people would mush them all over their skin though, what a waste. Oatmeal facials I understand though, as who would actually want to EAT that stuff. :P Nice post!

  8. Thank you, Feathers :D (oatmeal is awesome toooooooooo!) *Chucks another avocado at scott* Heretic!


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