Saturday, May 29, 2010

Apologies...or not?

You know, I figured you guys would be so tired of hearing me apologize for late posts, that I decided I wouldn't this time. That's right! You're not going to get an "I'm sorry" out of me!
Except that now I feel guilty for not apologizing. My mammy always told me it was good and proper to apologize (except that she usually said it more like "Say you're sorry for bombing your sister's room!") and now I feel like I've disobeyed her. And I feel like I should apologize to her.
No! No, I refuse! Arrrrrgh! I feel like a character out of a John Steinbeck novel, with all this internal conflict.
I have an idea! Let's change the subject.
Worcestershire sauce. Tasty, is it not?
Okay, all right, all right! I'm sorry! Stop looking at me like that!
Mammy, forgive me.

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  1. Ooh, I love John Steinbeck's novels!! All that internal conflict is what makes them so good.

    Worcestershire sauce, not so much. Except how Donkey pronounces it in Shrek.

    When in doubt with apologizing, deny any involvement. You get absolved of both guilt and apologizing duties.

  2. @Rebel--Steinbeck novels ftw! Except I wouldn't want to be a character in one...

  3. Deny everything. :P

    John Steinbeck novels are amazing!

    P.S. I like your new profile picture, Spammy. :D

  4. I relate to a lot of is his characters; that's probably why I like them so much...

    But I do wish he hadn't killed off some of my favorites. I didn't sympathize with that dude for 17 chapters to read about him dying.

  5. *sniffle* but... but... YOU CAN'T KEEP FORGETTING TO BLOG! :O
    Unless, of course, you accidentally got stuck on the Carousel of Forgetfulness and Disorientation again. That's a perfectly plausible excuse.
    Anyway, blog again soon, and LISTEN TO YOUR MAMMY!
    P.S. I agree with Zella ^_^

  6. @Kevin--I know! I forgot AGAIN! I will post today.


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