Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Madness and Similar Stuff and Different Stuff

YEarrrrgh! I forgot to blog on Monday! And then I forgot to do a blog on Tuesday to make up for it! So...I guess this is the first Wednesday post in a long time, mmm?
So sorry I forgot. I was working on a semi-big (for me, anyway) project on Sunday, which I planned to post on Monday. By the end of Monday, I had realized I couldn't get it ready in time. I planned on finishing it on Tuesday and apologizing for not getting it up on Monday. And at the end of Tuesday, I realized I had forgotten. So! No more forgetfulness or anything like that. The mysterious post is not ready yet. But! It will be up on Friday (hopefully). many ideas for blog posts... few actually develop-able ideas... little time to actually develop the develop-able ones...
...I think I'll blog about madness. That's always an easy topic for me.
Madness, you see, is an oddly strange, weirdly bizarre, uncannily peculiar, extraordinarily eccentric, abnormal anomaly that often results in many stupidly lame pleonasms like the ones I just used.
Madness is often confused with Insanity, but usually only by psychologists. Madness and Insanity should never be confused. They're two totally different people.
Insanity is insane, Madness is just mad. Insanity usually involves large leather lazy chairs and old, bald men and white, latex gloves and unfun stuff like that. Madness involves tea-drinking rabbits and decade-long rainstorms (just imagine how strong the petrichor would be after that) and people flying around via the seats of their pants. Madness is interesting. Insanity is a bland mental sickness. Vlad the Impaler was insane. Lewis Caroll was mad. King Théoden was insane (before Gandalf got to 'im hehe). The Mad Hatter was mad (sorry I'm using Lewis Caroll's characters so much--they're just so mad!).
And don't get me started about craziness.


  1. Very nice Spammy, it's interesting to sit and appreciate the difference between madness and insanity. *mad laugh*
    And there is definitely a fine line between genius and insanity (or in the best of cases, it's really madness mixed with a bit of crazy.) :D

  2. "There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line." -Oscar Levant

    xD I think he summed it up pretty well.

    Madness is spinning around in a chair saying 'I've been expecting you' whereas insanity'm not sure.

    Lewis Caroll was most definitely mad, but his writing was all the better for it.

  3. Hmm, people these days can never recognize the difference :(
    I have been called both by the same person, who assumed that they meant the same thing! I must show them tihs post. Thank you, Spammy.


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