Monday, June 28, 2010

He's Pulled Out the Big Guns

That's right! It's been a vicious battle with the anti-punctuality demon all week. And plus we had a garage sale on Saturday (we didn't sell any clocks, by the way--ever since the demon's been attacking I've started hoarding them) and we've been getting ready to sell the house this month. So it's been a difficult battle.
He's been raging about the house using a thirty-pound Cheeto as a club (it's a Flamin' Hot one)  and hitting me with it whenever I show my face outside of my room or the hall closet.
I've had to sneak into the kitchen to get food, or munch off of his club when he hits me with it.
The donuts in the kitchen haven't been eaten so they got moldy, so yesterday I established a lodgement in the pantry and took them, but I was forced to retreat back the upstairs when he flooded me out with kool-aid.
But I have a weapon. Oh yes. I whipped it out just as I posted this.
Behold, the Demon-Smashing, Clock-Resetting Tank with Nacho Cheese Artillery Battery! Ride forth, my great steed, crush the oppressor of lateness! Onward, to victory and punctuality!
By the way, last Saturday Eric asked me what the Anti-Punctuality Demon looks like. Well, Eric, in answer, I am making a sketch to show you. Hopefully I'll be done by Friday.
Happy trails, and don't let the Anti-Punctuality Demon get you!


  1. Something about the Cheeto club makes him significantly less frightening-and more nommable-, but I would definitely like to see what he looks like :D

  2. @Rebel--You don't want to know how spicy a Flamin' Hot Cheeto forged in the pits of hell is. Every time I've swallowed a bite I've had to flush my mouth out with milk. And plus, the Cheeto is not only Flamin' Hot, it's also literally flaming. So it's pretty dangerous. But nonetheless, he's not a very frightening figure. But his thing isn't frightening people, it's making them late for everything.

  3. Spammy, that's great, I'm looking forward to seeing that. If you send me a sketch sometime I will post it on my blog as well since there's a certain strangeness to this story that puts this creature of yours in the same league as the mothman, the chupacabra, or the poltergeist. It may make your house a wee bit harder to sell, tho. Think about it. ^.-

  4. @Eric--I expect the demon will go with me, unfortunately ;-( We may need to put in the deal that the demon is not included, though :D


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