Friday, August 20, 2010

Princess In Shining Armor!

My Princess in Shining armor is here! Look!
She even has a midget horse!
In case you were wondering, YES I drew these with the Intuos4 I got on Tuesday. No scanning involved! No nothing except drawing!
I love this thing! You can expect more illustrated posts soon! Maybe even posts in comic-book form! But only if your good little people and eat all your Brussels sprouts.

...did I ever mention that I love Brussels sprouts? Some of my favorite vegetables.

I call this one the 'Uniscorn,' a hybrid of scorpion and unicorn.


  1. ooh. I love comic book type stuff :)

    and I actually eat Brussels sprouts. I don't particularly care for them, and I can only eat about 3...but I still eat them...

  2. @Amarantha--Me too.
    Really? I'm very proud of you! Perhaps I shall be able to get you to love them somehow...*Goes off to find if there is a 'Complete Idiot's guide to Brainwashing'


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