Saturday, March 6, 2010

The No Post Post With More Posting Ideas

GARN! Forgot again! Now Saturday is almost gone and this is the first I've gotten around to writing a post. Sorry!
I think what I'm going to do today is give you several titles for blog posts, and you tell me which one to finish. And it'll be up on Monday.

#1. 'The Life of an Upside-Down Cake Farmer'

#2. 'An In-Depth Examination of Sir Major Professor Donald Donald Donald O'McMacDonaldson-Donaldworthton XVI' (With illustration, of course)

#3. 'Reporting Live from the Chess Olympics'


  1. Aw crumbs, they all sound really good. :(
    Um... I'm going to have to go with #1, with #3 coming in at a close second. But then I don't want to leave #2 for last... oh well, #2, suck it up and move on, okay? Okay.

    So, I think that me, myself and I's final decision was #1.

    I think.

  2. #2 sounds wacky and interesting. :)

  3. I say #1, with #3 a close second. :P

  4. Ah! Well I guess it's #1 then. But don't worry, I'm going to do all of them, eventually. I like them all as well :D


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